Posted by: David Vernon | March 25, 2010

Reviewing: Exposure Value and Compensation


(I’m travelling this week for a client so I present you a few of the CIPB’s all-time most popular educational posts – for those who’ve come to the blog lately)

One of the more important photographic concepts to understand is exposure value: the notion that 1/125th at f/8 is the exact same exposure value as 1/60th at f/11 or 1/250th at f/5.6. When you combine this information with known lighting conditions, you can pretty much walk in the door and nail your exposure every time. This article, from November 2008, highlights everything you’d want to know about EV and EC.

Exposure Value and Exposure Compensation

Thanks for stopping by – I’ll be back on March 30th or 31st with an interesting case of jetlag.

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