Posted by: David Vernon | March 24, 2010

Project Double Take 5 – Horizontal Panoramas

Welcome to the fifth edition of Project Double Take. This week’s assignment is “Horizontal Panoramas”.

Both Stacy and I went exploring in southern Tazewell County for this job. The wide open spaces, farm fields, and numerous other points of agricultural imagination make this fertile ground for the wide pano. I found myself out just after sunrise on a beauty of a morning with blue skies and foggy bottoms in the Mackinaw River Valley. Standing on Connell Road just east of Springfield Road, I stood over one of last years hay fields looking at a farm across the way. The fog hung over the field but you could still hear the cows bellowing off in the distance. I love shooting contrary to the traditional directions at sunrise and sunset. This view west at sunrise played wonderfully with the colors in the sky as they changed quickly in the morning light.

Interestingly, my shot required a little help. This was a seven-shot stitch. Each image was shot vertically and then the final stitch was cropped to a 10:4 ratio. There was one additional utility pole, larger then the tree to the right, on Connell Road itself. It was very distracting to say the least and a lot of the electrical wires failed to stitch very well. Removing the pole and the wires greatly added to the image I felt and so the decision was an easy (albeit time-consuming) one. And again, for those worried about truth in photography – well – this is supposed to be art – not truth. The truth – in art – is highly overrated. If you want to know what it really looks like, sneak on down for a visit.

Now – Stacy’s image was shot a few days later, at sunset, about seven miles east of Delavan, IL. The Railsplitter windfarm provides ample opportunity for panoramas and Stacy was spot on, taking advantage of the wonderful reflection in the muddy field to boost the image. Those turbines were going pretty good so Stacy did a nice job of balancing a frozen moment with getting the light just so. A nice image.

And now – we’re moving onto Sand Ridge State Forest, just about 30 minutes south-southwest of Pekin. The Peoria Flickr group will host an informal outing down to Sand Ridge on April 3. Initial details are over in both the PDT group and in the Peoria group.


  1. Just think how easy it will be to remove something like that with the new ‘content aware’ tools in the upcoming PS CS5!!!! If you haven’t seen the previews yet, prepare to be blown away!

    You done with the 5×15 kick??? 10×4??!!!? WTF??? LOL

  2. Not done with the 5×15 kick… we just decided for this one to go more traditional. Just because I’m Johnny 5×15 didn’t mean I had to subject Stacy to it. I’ll look at this as a 5×15 crop though… hadn’t thought of that.

    Yeah – haven’t seen any CS5 previews yet – I’m starting to feel old school on CS3.

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