Posted by: David Vernon | March 12, 2010

Free Plugins that Rock

Turkey CreekOne of my favorite makers of Photoshop plug-in software, On One, is giving away for free two of their top notch applications. PhotoTools 2.5 and PhotoFrame 4.5 are available for download over at On One’s site. There is no catch, no expiration date, and no gotchas that I’m aware of. The only small catch is that these are small subsets of their commercially-available products. PhotoFrame 4.5, for example, has thousands of frames – the free version has 20. A big difference? Perhaps. But frankly how many of the thousands of frames you could use would you actually use? I’m thinking 20 is a pretty good number. PhotoTools 2.5 has 18 useful tools, again a subset of the standard install of Photo Tools.

You have to give ’em your name and email address, but you can opt out of marketing emails. They’ll send you an email, you click on the link, download the software and install it. That’s it. The software launched slowly for me the first time (so be patient), but it was fairly swift after that. I also need to update my nearly (ahem) six-year old video drivers on my Windows XP machine (a good idea anyway). My computer is so old though that some of the Photo Tools functionality is not supported. Your video card will need to support OpenGL 2.0 and have at least 256MB of memory available.

Good luck!

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