Posted by: David Vernon | March 10, 2010

Project Double Take 4 – Details

Welcome to the fourth edition of Project Double Take. This week’s assignment is “Detail in the Landscape”.

There’s an amazing amount of subject-matter to find when one turns away from the more standard vista landscape photography. I went on a search for corn stubble, left over after last fall’s harvests. But finding nothing to my liking I went after one of my other favorite things when the sky is blue: white bark. I think the combination of the bark against the cool, cool sky is such a nice contrast. My bark was found at the bottom of a hill on Antioch Road in southern Tazewell County, near a little country stream. Stacy’s work went directly against my piece – giving us a bonus contrast of warm tones versus cool tones. Her warm milkweed seed pods with their silky remnants are just lovely. It always fun, on a partner project, to see what the other person comes up with.

And for the next two weeks, we’re all about horizontal panoramas. Good hunting.

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