Posted by: David Vernon | March 9, 2010

Beginning Monitor Calibration

Grand HallWe could do page after page on this topic and in the end our heads would simply explode. So let me break you in slowly.

You can do no better for an explanation on calibration by heading over to the top-notch website where best practices in digital photography abound. They’ve got a whole section that explains industry-standard efforts to make color management and calibration easy. Besides a basic color management overview, they have sections dedicated to monitor calibration and profiling, camera profiling, color space and color profiles, desktop printing profiles, and finally commercial printing.

But if you want to start slow – and at least walk through a simple monitor calibration to start, then follow this link over to a simple on-screen calibration tool that will at least help you set your brightness and your contrast to maximize what you have.

See – your head didn’t explode and there’s still a chance this will all make sense. And in the following weeks, we’ll be exploring more on dpbestflow cause it rocks.

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