Posted by: David Vernon | March 8, 2010

A few Monday thoughts

Wait A Year

A few thoughts to get you rolling on a Monday morning…

The Enjoy Illinois blog is having public voting on their winter photo contest. Head over there – see the three finalists selected by judges (FD: I was one of the judges) – and then vote. The topic was black and white – and winter. Some nice shots overall. I was throughly entranced with this image – which did not make the finals. But I love the simplicity and balance of the composition. Anyhoo – voting is open most of this week – through Thursday so head over and state your opinion.

Speaking of photo contests – well I don’t often recommend them to folks. I think they’re fine and all in principle – but I also think you have to read the rules carefully. A lot of times contests are very squirrelly when it comes to rights grabs and copyright issues. Make sure you’re not giving up ownership of your photograph by submitting that photograph to a contest. You’d be amazed at how often contests have absolutely oddball rules. That being said, the Arbor Day Foundation has a Tree Photography contest going on right now – and the rules are kind and gentle to the rights’ owners. I think I’m entering.

I got a total kick out of David duChemin’s post from today – about “Pro” photographers. He likes to blur the line between pro and amateur – after all we’re pretty much all just photographers. I have to agree with him – I’ve made a lot of “pro” mistakes…

If you’re playing along with Project Double Take – it’s time for Project #5 – the Horizontal Panorama. You’ve got two weeks. If you need stitching software that’s free and good, check out Autostitch.

How about a Photowalk this Saturday? The Peoria Flickr group is moving their third Saturday walk up one Saturday to avoid conflicting with the Peoria Camera Club Seminar. So come Saturday morning at 9am, we’re going to explore our neighbor – Peoria Heights and Grandview Drive. Here’s a link with more information.

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