Posted by: David Vernon | March 1, 2010

Around the Inet

Morning Due

Let’s take a quick run around the Internet today, shall we?

The Peoria Flickr group – in case you were not aware – runs a monthly photo contest that culminates in a “evaluation by your peers” vote. It’s a chance to put your work in front of other photographers and to see where the chips may fall. This month they are running a contest near-and-dear to my heart – Panomramas. I mention this because I love to put panoramas together and a few moons ago we put together a “How-to” for panos right here on the CIPB. Take a look then head over and join the free contest at the PFG.

I follow an interesting blog called “Photography is Not A Crime“, written by ¬†Miami, FL-based photographer Carlos Miller. The content over there is aimed at all the abuse photographers take from the authorities while legally taking pictures. Part of the price for the world we live in I suppose – but I’m not wild about any violations of our civil rights. And then I saw this article – about a Central Illinois photographer – and it hit a little closer to home. Heck – the photographer, Jason Romero, writes his own account here, but Carlos’ blog is a pretty good and “raise your hackles” read. Any of you have any run-ins with the authorities?

I came across this pretty complete article about all the thoughts behind shooting in natural light. Frankly that’s where most of us spend a lot of our time, and the article, written by John Williams, will prepare you for any kind of natural light photography.

And I dig these little technical articles (okay – just slightly technical) on the physics of photography. Over at Gizmodo, there’s a good little piece about “Why ISO is the New Megapixel“. Wonder how your sensor captures what it does? And why we keep saying more megapixels are overrated. Take a look and see if we can convert you.

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