Posted by: David Vernon | February 26, 2010

March 2010 Desktop Calendar

March 2010 Desktop Calendar

Ahh March. I’ve been waiting for you and now you’re finally checking in. And not a moment too soon because I’m ready to put winter out to pasture. I’m ready for a little green and a little warmth. I’m ready for the sun to rise on a new day – this – March – is your chance to shine.

And speaking of sunrises, I went back a few years to another  March sunrise for this month’s calendar. Taken from the front passenger seat of a speeding car, barreling down Townline Road in eastern Tazewell County early one morning, it seems to be as awake as I was at the time, but the day turned out okay. I therefore have a lot of faith in this month. Get warm, be productive – and welcome spring. At last.

To see the original story on this image, head over to Flickr. And to cover your desktop in the lovely colors of a spring sunrise, pick your favorite size down below:

Desktop versions:

Mobile versions:

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