Posted by: David Vernon | February 24, 2010

Project Double Take 3 – Barns

We’re back for installment number three of good ‘ol Project Double Take – this time it’s all about Barns.

You’ll notice we both avoided a typical gotcha to winter photography in Illinois – cloudy days. Actually, we were both lucky this was a two-week project, because for the first 9.5 days it was rather cloudy. And then we both noticed that little yellow orb on the sky last Thursday and we both took our shots within minutes of each other – although separated by some 25 miles. It’s good to know you can count on 1-2 days of sun per fortnight here in Illinois.

So my shot was taken just north of Stanford, IL, just over the McLean County line from Tazewell County. This round barn has fascinated me for a few years and I always like to return to it for something different. I got to the barn with just a few minutes of light to spare – the sun was just barely over the horizon but it was lighting the copper brickwork in the barn up just magically. I just grabbed the camera with the 70-200 f/2.8 lens on it and ran west into the field and started shooting east sans tripod and moving around. Total time from car to car – about six minutes. Some days light can be your friend. I then went and grabbed the tripod and crossed to the east to shoot back to the sunset. It was beautiful to my eyes but seemed kind of cliché photographically, so you get the look and influence of shooting away from the sunset.

Stacy’s comment on her shot is also kind of interesting and it presents a perspective on how farming works so often in Illinois… “[my shot was] taken in Tazewell County in plain site along a busy city street and local business. Two old barns just waiting for the right light.” So many barns out here sit right in the midst of everyday life – it just take the right light at the right time to really notice them.

And if you’re moving forward with Project Double Take it’s time to seek out detail in the landscape. The closeup, the pieces that make up the vistas.

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