Posted by: David Vernon | February 23, 2010

Polaroid Revisited

Pergola Redux Polaroid Style

What’s all this talk that Polaroid film is dead? Are you kidding me?

Well sadly you aren’t kidding me – it is mostly dead – even if there are various efforts to revive it.

And yet I took this image just this past weekend, when the Peoria Flickr group met over at Peoria’s Glen Oak Park. Do I have a secret stash for the Polaroid Joycam sitting over in the studio? (Actually I do – and the stuff is becoming so rare it costs about $4 an exposure new at Amazon).

Well since my secret stash is so valuable, I may admit to cheating in the taking of this Polaroid image. I actually wandered over to the similarly-sounding Poladroid web site, where I downloaded their little software application (Mac or PC) that cranks out high-res Polaroid images from JPEGs you already have. It’s simple drag-and-drop operation cranked out this image in just about one minute – and even though you’re not supposed to do it – you can shake the image as it develops in front of your eyes.

Another fun thing about this software – we’re gonna use it on Project Double Take later this year for a project when we go old school in September.

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