Posted by: David Vernon | February 22, 2010

A Little Monday Linkage

Zion Virgin River 1

Sometimes you just come back to a picture for a story because you miss a place.

We haven’t had a links round up in a bit – and I’ve been accumulating things so…

§ Ever wondered about the wild world of property and model releases? When you need them, when you don’t, what they look like, etc.? Well then, check out the excellent American Society of Media Photographer website and in-depth article on just that thing on Property and Model Releases.

§ Last week I was all set to write two more Photoshop articles – to complement our lessons on levels, color correction and sharpening from last year. And then I come to find out that our own Bill Shaner had already written one of them – on non-destructive dodging and burning about ten months ago. Okay – I can deal with that. I also had the notion, after seeing Tim Sheets’ presentation on High-Pass Sharpening at the Peoria Camera Club, to write something up on that slick sharpening technique that’s great for landscapes. Fortunately, before I set pen to digital paper, the photo blogosphere delivered and both David Hobby and Photoshop User TV (via Matt Kloskowski – about 17 minutes in) did nice high-pass sharpening featurettes. I guess Tim and I can take the week off.

§ You can’t have a linkfest without some reference to Digital Photography School. I’ve been fascinated with infra-red photography (see what I did there?) for years and years – and the DPS crew via Chris Folsom has a nice introduction to the topic. The look is so unique.

§ If you wanna see some dynamite images and the entire process behind them (how they were shot/lit/post-processed and the creative process that put it all together), then head over to The Still Image with Crash Taylor (ummm, yeah – some images NSFW – choose carefully if you or your employeer has an issue with occasional nekid people).

§ And last but not least – don’t want to plunk down the bucks for Photoshop or Lightroom or even Elements (or any of the others)? MSNBC – those stalwarts of photography – ran an article on 10 FREE (as in beer) photo editing/organizing programs. You may find what you’re looking for in the details.

Now go out and have a great week – March is just seven days away dudes…

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