Posted by: David Vernon | February 11, 2010

Camera Club Bonuses

Equality on Soldier HillThe big annual seminar for the Peoria Camera Club, with George Lepp, is only a few weeks away. And there’s a neat bonus opportunity to interact with Lepp and get a little constructive critique to boot.

From a PCC press release:

Special Image Study Meeting with George Lepp–March 19, 2010:

In addition to the PCC Annual Seminar on Saturday, March 20, the PCC will host a special image study meeting for members on Friday, March 19 at 7:00pm at the Immanuel Lutheran Church Hall.  The meeting will last approximately 90 minutes.  At the meeting, George Lepp will critique digital images submitted by PCC members.

Each club member can submit up to 3 images.  Due to time constraints, Mr. Lepp may not be able to comment on each image submitted.  Since Mr. Lepp specializes in nature and landscape photography, please submit nature and scenic images.  Each image must be no greater than 768 pixels in height and 1024 pixels wide.  The images need to be jpeg files with each image file size approximately 500k or less.  Use file names with the image title and maker’s name in the format that we use for club competitions.  Digital images should be sent to Roger Knief ( no later than March 5.  You can also give Roger a CD with your images.  For questions or comments, contact Roger at or 605-321-5406.

Keep in mind folks that membership to the Club is only $15 – and if you join not only can you participate in this slick little event, but you can also get $15 off your admission to Lepp’s seminar on March 20. A pretty good deal.

Also – I noticed in the March issue of the PCC’s monthly publication Photo Chatter that Mike MacDonald from the Creative Eye Workshops in Chicago will be back in town on March 16 to discuss The Art of Nature Photography. I saw Mike give a presentation last year and the guy knows his stuff when it comes to landscapes.

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