Posted by: David Vernon | February 10, 2010

Project Double Take 2 – Self-Portrait in the Landscape

Well here we go with the second installment of Project Double Take – the Self-Portrait in the Landscape. Stacy and I both found ourselves outstanding in (our) fields – showing off the fact that we can’t pass up a chance to light an image if the opportunity presents itself (and also showing off that the sun does sneak its way out every once in awhile in Central Illinois). The PDT group is definitely having a little fun with this one too – showcasing a wide variety of interesting takes on self-portraiture in the landscape.

So at any rate – we’re the two troublemakers embarking on this project his year. I suspect it may not be the last you see of us – even if no other parts of the project specifically call for us to appear in our photos.  I ventured out to a field southeast of Delavan, IL at sunset about 10 days ago. Stacy found some tall grass near Illinois Central College – and we both enjoyed a legitimate sunset.

Now we simply have to find a vertical shot of a barn in the next 12 days – hopefully a piece of cake here in Central Illinois.


  1. Actually my shot is on the ICC campus, if you can beleive that. I don’t blame you for messing that up, after all, I only attempting this three times and varying locations around Central Illinois.

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