Posted by: David Vernon | February 2, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

Run to DaylightIf by two I really mean like four. And of course I’m talking about two, er, four of the more interesting things I’ve seen on the Internets lately. For example,

§ Syl Arena recently posted a series of twelve excellent videos … of famous photographers (think Avedon, Caponigro, McNally, Leibovitz, etc.). The vids show photographers at work and give you a little insight on their process and their vision. Pretty fascinating and varied stuff. You can always, always get something interesting from the pros.

§ Coincidentally counting down, the gang at Digital Photography School – through author Jim Goldstein – present Eleven Tips to Succeed at a 365 Project. But I think even more importantly, these tips guide you through any time-based project. A 365 project, after all, is just a more intense version of a 52-week project or whatever you are tackling. Any way you look at it though, it’s good advice on making time-based projects work better.

§ I don’t recall how I came across this, but I’ve been digging through back issues of the wonderful online photo magazine called PhotographyBB Online. And actually, the entire PhotographyBB website is full of good educational offerings – worth a look.

§ Darwin Wiggett appears on the website – both in article form and in podcast form (playable through your browser) – discussing all the key points about graduated neutral density and neutral density filters (and a little about polarizers and the awesome reverse grad ND filter). Darwin has mastered the fine art of using filters in landscape shooting – now you can see a little more on how to do it yourself. We just featured Darwin on polarizers a few days ago – so scroll down a bit and check that out too (okay – or click on this link).

Alright – go forth and photograph.

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