Posted by: David Vernon | January 31, 2010

Quarterly Housekeeping

Hootie and the BlowfishA little housekeeping requires a non-standard image – like this beaut from a Peoria Flickr group outing to Matthiessen State Park nearly one year ago. Now on to the festivities.

Did you know you can always take an RSS feed of this blog to read in your favorite Feed Reader (I’m partial to Google Reader). Just click on the little conveniently placed RSS feed icon on the top right portion of the blog and follow the steps outlined. You never have to worry about missing any news or articles – they’re all just accumulated for your, dare I say it, reading pleasure.

Also, if you want to purchase any of my images, click on the Zenfolio logo just beneath the RSS feed and you’ll be automagically teleported to my storefront.

And if you’re partial to renting lenses (and I hope to goodness you are), you can click on the logo just to the right and through more magic you’ll get shuffled happily over to the awesome folks who can make your lens rental dreams come true. And I’ll get a small but fair pittance if you do so – which we greatly appreciate here at the CIPB. It helps keep me in 120 slide film which is the happiest thing there is…

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