Posted by: David Vernon | January 28, 2010

An Inspiration

Pops CarolinaI’ve had a number of photographic influences on my life. The most influential and one of the earliest is my own father – Jack Vernon.

Growing up, we always had a Polaroid Land Camera floating around and I’m sure I got to take a small but fair amount of pictures (for a young’n). Around 1975, when I was hitting my teen years, my dad acquired a Pentax Spotmatic F (very close brethern to the K1000) and he started shooting 35mm film and slides. The lovely thing about the Spot F was its utter simplicity. A light meter with a little bar that shifted between “+” and “-“. No autofocus of course. No real notion of how far over or under you were. It was photography by feel and I got to do a lot of black and white work on that camera before I got my own first camera (in trade for 150 hours of babysitting, which equaled a lovely old Nikkormat FT). So to say photography was encouraged in my home growing up is no doubt an understatement – we had some fun.

The great thing about my dad – in fact about both of my parents – was that they really encouraged my love of the outdoors – of being in nature. I tell people now that photographing in the landscape is a bonus. If I never picked up a camera again I still couldn’t live without being in the amazing places I’ve traveled and will see again. That’s where the passion for the photography comes from – in taking what I see in my favorite places and capturing just a little bit of it. And I wouldn’t be there without the influence of my father.

So in light of that I encourage you to do two things. First, do whatever you can to revisit the photography of your youth and the photography of your folks or your other photographic influences. And secondly, since this is the guy that did more then anyone to set me on my current path, I encourage you to check out a Flickr gallery I put together of 17 of my favorite images taken by my dad and what I love about them. Thanks for taking a look.

And thanks pops.


  1. such a good portrait, tons of character captured & presented

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