Posted by: David Vernon | January 25, 2010

It’s Monday – and it’s still gray

Foggy Spirit

Let’s start with a brief non-photographic aside. It’s a little interesting to me – that when I lived in the Rocky Mountain West – my tolerance for winter was higher. Sure – I was young and spry but when winter lasted until June (we lived at over 7,000′ in the mountains of southeastern Wyoming) you had to be a little more patient or you would definitely go crazy. Here – in Central Illinois – I expect winter to end in March (only to return briefly in April). So I wish winter would be over much earlier then I used to wish it. And while the Rockies usually produced a lot of sunny frigid days, here in the Midwest… well you know. I think photographer Tim Sheets captured the spirit of a Central Illinois winter pretty darn well. But yeah – I’m ALREADY jonesing for Spring – and if the sun doesn’t come back soon… it’s gonna get ugly around here. Really ugly. Uglier then my backyard right now ugly. Ugl — okay – I’ve said too much. Let’s get back to the images.

Hey – if you’re one who needs motivation in the winter, don’t forget about our year-long Project Double Take extravaganza. We’re onto assignment #2 today – the Self-Portrait in the Landscape. Get the details over at the Flickr group.

And who saw all the fog this past weekend? Shooting in fog isn’t much different then shooting in the snow. And if I won’t tolerate your gray snow pictures, I want to find a way to encourage you to at least keep your fog from landing squarely in the middle gray range. Some of it will be there but just some of it. You need to treat fog like a miniature version of snow. And this means overexposing slightly. While we suggest at least a full stop over for snow as a starting point, consider hitting up a foggy day with anywhere from +1/2 to 1 stop of over-exposure. Again, it’s that simple. Just start from there and consider bracketing a few exposures to nail it.

Yep – I’ll do anything I can to banish the gray. Anything.


  1. Thanks for the link!

    Incidentally, I had to use some +EV exposure compensation in that shot as well. +2 then dropped it .3 in Lightroom, so +1.6 overall.

    I’ve been ready for Spring since about November. But, that’s just me. 🙂

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