Posted by: David Vernon | January 19, 2010

Again the Mighty Polarizer

LaSalle Canyon 2We’re beginning the Winter Landscape/Expedition class at the Peoria Art Guild this week and I’m reminded, as I always am, before the start of such a class, what one of the best landscape photography tools is. Be it ever so humble, there’s nothing like two little pieces of glass – merged uniquely together to give you the mighty polarizer.

If you find yourself doing a lot of landscape work – you might as well just leave this sucker on the end of your lens. In fact, there’s so much you can do with it that  Canada’s own proficient landscape guru Darwin Wiggett has penned a helpful article entitled “Seven Rules for Effectively Using a Polarizer“. And not only does he tell you the seven rules – but he shows you withs and withouts so you can see what you’re gaining. It’s an informative little piece – and it shows you it’s not just about a few reflections or bluer skies. There’s gold in them thar hills when a polarizer is in town.

And while you’re at it – don’t forget your neutral density and graduated neutral density filters – then life as you know it will be complete.


  1. […] § Darwin Wiggett appears on the website – both in article form and in podcast form (playable through your browser) – discussing all the key points about graduated neutral density and neutral density filters (and a little about polarizers and the awesome reverse grad ND filter). Darwin has mastered the fine art of using filters in landscape shooting – now you can see a little more on how to do it yourself. We just featured Darwin on polarizers a few days ago – so scroll down a bit and check that out too (okay – or click on this link). […]

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