Posted by: David Vernon | January 15, 2010

Friday Wraps

FrostA few Friday afternoon thoughts… okay TWO thoughts

If you want to play along with Project Double Take, which I mentioned a few days ago, we’ve created a group over on Flickr where you can follow the assignments and submit your images. Come along and play – at least get started with it so you can get your butt outside and shooting in this lovely weather. You could even take your first image  – a black and white landscape image in horizontal format on the Peoria Flickr group walk tomorrow. I’m just saying.

I pointed you to Jim Richardson a week or two ago. Jim just had a photo essay published in National Geographic on the Scottish Hebrides islands. He’s been blogging about the process he underwent in taking each picture. I was particularly enamored of a quote he had in his entry on the image he took in Fingal’s Cave. To whit:

“Now let me step back a moment to reflect on something more telling than lighting and cameras.  Technical prowess in photography is both necessary and a potential pitfall. It is a form of hubris that can often lead to the feeling that technical solutions can overcome all problems.  But it is not the application of talent or technology that brings joy of photography to me.

True landscape photography insight, at least for me, comes from engaging the subject on its own terms, letting the understanding seep in, setting my own clock to the time frame of geology, blocking off the rest of the world, and entering into a sort communion with a place.  If that sounds spiritual,  I suppose in some ways it is.  I know, of course, that the land is completely oblivious to, and has no need, for my presence and feelings. But I have feelings for the land and for the passage of time, and for the honor of being in its presence.

This is the source of my joy.”

Me too Jim – me too. I love love love landscape photography – but I would leave the camera happily behind just to be in the place. Taking the photograph is just the icing on the cake. I still like the cake every bit on its own.

Have a great weekend y’all – come out and shoot with us tomorrow if you can.

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