Posted by: David Vernon | January 13, 2010

Personal Projects for One

Flooding Back

So we talked about partnering up for photo projects on Monday. Now let’s explore the notion of going solo.

Peorian Mike Vujovich is chasing one of the hardest solo photo projects out there – the 365. The concept behind a 365 project is to take/finish one photo every day of the year. This is a lot harder then it sounds. It starts out pretty easy but by day 128 you’re wondering if you were insane when you thought of this idea – and you wonder if you can finish. But it certainly says a lot about discipline and about expanding your craft. This is practice, practice, practice  combined with carry your camera everywhere – a great way to dial it up a notch.

I talked to Mike about his project.

CIPB: So why tackle a 365 Project?

Mike:  “I chose to do a 365 Project as part of my New Year ‘photographic’ resolutions which include generally pushing the boundaries of my photography. A 365 Project forces me to seek out something interesting or revealing about myself to shoot every single day, whether I am in the mood or not.”

CIPB: Are you following any specific rules for this project?

Mike: “I am simply making sure that each image was shot on the day that it says. For the most part, the uploads happen on the day it was taken, but being the musician that I am, I do like to do some night shots, but I don’t get home until late so I usually process and upload the next morning. I am also looking at keeping the images to what I consider relevant images in order to keep the integrity of my shooting at the level I want it to rather than just shooting to shoot and get the shot. I want something that will appeal to those keeping up with the project every day.”

CIPB: Ambitious enough to try something else?

Mike: “I am also thinking about starting a ‘100 Strangers’ project. Again, this goes with pushing my boundaries of photography and I also hope to gain some more street photography experience with this. It will also open the doors to some portrait shooting as well as force myself out of my shell when it comes to interacting with human subjects.”

I applaud Mike’s ambitions for personal projects. One of these days I may attempt a 365 project – although I’ll make it easy on myself and avoid any leap years. But if you don’t want to go for the full monty – set your own limits. Do a 100 Project or a 50 Project. Or a 52 Project – where the number is weeks instead of days… The awesome folks over at Digital Photography School had a great article on 7 Photography Projects to Jumpstart Your Creativity. It’s covers seven of the most wonderful projects that anyone can do with little more then their camera and a bit of a thought. If you want to get even crazier – the folks at Photojojo published a book that includes 50 Insanely Great Photo Projects.

There is more then enough to keep you going. So get going. Push yourself. Stay busy. You’ll get better and you’ll learn something.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I was contemplating a photo project, but I was lacking inspiration. One of those 7 projects should work just fine! 🙂

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