Posted by: David Vernon | January 11, 2010

Double Take

The DoorPhotography Projects.

Let’s actually spend a little time this week encouraging you to consider the idea of taking on a project. Something that demands that you get off your butt and do some work with purpose. A purpose to improve your photography and a purpose to get outside (or stay inside as the case may be) and shoot. I know how hard it is to get motivated around Central Illinois in January – even with the new year to help push us along. Consenting to a project at least gives you a fighting chance.

I want to start off by explaining that I’m taking on at least two purposeful projects this year – and I’m doing it with a twist – a twist that hopefully make me more accountable for finishing the project. And what is that twist? Well – I’m doing projects with a partner.

We’ll spend some time talking about great ideas for solo projects later this week but I want you to consider a partner or group project too. In fact once you see what I’m debuting today, you can play right along.

A partner or group project has a few things going for it. Besides having someone else to be accountable too, it helps push many different ideas and concepts to the forefront. The project that leaps to life today was tweaked considerably in the back and forth I had with my partner. In concept then it’s much better then it was when the idea was just a little germ of a plan. Say hello to:

Project Double Take

I was looking for a landscape project for 2010 and so was my partner-in-crime, Ms. Stacy Hanna. She actually had the gem of an idea to work it so we each get an assignment and shoot our interpretation of that topic. We’re then going to share our photo and each of us will debut BOTH photos on our blogs in our own way. We’re going to do something every two weeks, starting and finishing on a Monday – and then publishing on a Wednesday. And to further hold ourselves accountable – and to let you participate if you so desire – we’re publishing our assignment list right here:

The idea is pretty simple. The topic – sometimes general and sometimes specific – is listed – along with a format (H=horizontal, V=vertical, S=square). The starting date and ending dates for the assignment are listed as well. Some of these will be a little ambitious – all of them will be fun – and will get us off our collective lazy butts. So get out there and make a black and white landscape happen and then stay tuned for more details on how to play along with Stacy and I. And every other Monday, stop by to get a few more details on what the next assignment is.


  1. Very good idea you guys! I’ll try to play along.

  2. […] you want to play along with Project Double Take, which I mentioned a few days ago, we’ve created a group over on Flickr where you can follow […]

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