Posted by: David Vernon | January 7, 2010

More Creativity Then Photography

RedA moment just to give a shout out to brazen creativity. I don’t even remember where exactly I came across this set of 100 images yesterday but the creativity in making the subjects within each image was, I thought, over the top. And even more fun – it’s like a little geeky quiz.


  1. Thanks! 10 minutes I’ll never get back! LOL

    Really, it was kind of cool. I actually knew a lot of them. Particularly the old school video games. Zork….wow.

  2. Oh, that was fun! My husband, my son (21), his girlfriend and I just spent several minutes scrolling through the cupcakes, trying to be the first to guess the game. I just love your blog. You put a lot a effort into it and it shows.


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