Posted by: David Vernon | December 17, 2009

The Things You Find

Underneath All That Holds Us UpA little local shout-out love to the folks over at Tallyn’s. Bill, Stacy, and I wandered through the showroom yesterday afternoon and man – there’s some fine studio gear on display. If you’ve never set foot in Tallyn’s – you might want to check them out on the web and then you might want to arrange a little visit to their place on Detweiller Drive, just north of Pioneer Parkway on N. University. Thank goodness I’m broke because otherwise – I might be out there all the time.

Alright – dealing with a serious headcold this week, but wanted to show you a few things that got through the fog. Chase Jarvis, who is everywhere nowadays, directed this music video that is worth a watch. Watch the vid, then read the behind-the-scenes portion, and THEN watch it again. Totally changes your perspective.

If you don’t know about Photo District News and their great blog, then consider your now informed. They had an interesting article on celebrity portraiture a few days ago – much more interesting for the stories it tells about totally throwing out your plans and vamping right on the spot with plans gone massively off-track at the last minute.

I came across this article on The ISO Advantage at Digital Photo Magazine. Shooting a child’s basketball game in a dark gym this winter? Then see how you can push your ISO to get exactly what you need.

Alright – now must find the cold meds…

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