Posted by: David Vernon | December 15, 2009

Art Guild Classes Coming in January

All That's Left

Well gang – the brochures will be going out any day now – and should also be on the web in the next 3-5 days. So without further adieu, here’s the basic summary of what’s coming – beginning on January 18th.

Winter Landscapes (3x Wed., 3x Sat.) – taught by me. It’s an introduction to landscape photography – both shooting and post-processing. And we head out and shoot at least three times – in the snow. So if you are a lazy winter shooter give this some thought. AND if you just wanna come along to the Expedition part of class, you can pay half and come along.

Lighting with Small Flashes (6x Monday) – taught by me. Come learn the marvels of getting that flash off your camera. I double dog dare ya.

Understanding Your Camera (8x Tuesday) – taught by Ann Conver. If you’re camera is new to you or it’s a Christmas present – come learn how to use it in depth – and learn a little about composition and everything else that might have you scratching your head a bit.

Mini Topics (4x Thursday) – taught by a few of us – we’re going in a new direction here. One night. One topic. Two hours of introducing you to a subject. We’ve got over 15 ideas on paper – but we’re starting with these four: Tabletop/Copywork (me and Ann), Introduction to Camera Raw (me), Introduction to Lightroom (guest taught by CIPB-contributor Stacy Hanna), and Introduction to Photoshop (Jeff McSweeney). Attend as many or as few as you want. Based on interest, some of these mini topics may turn into full-blown classes down the road. Hopefully lots more to come in the Spring session.

Using Digital Photography and Software to Market Your Online Business (6x Monday) – taught by Jeff McSweeney. Just what it sounds like.

Fixing Photos in Photoshop (2x Monday) – taught by Jeff McSweeney. Jeff will cover the basics to photo recovery – removing scratches, dings, tears, fixing color, etc.

Got ideas for what you want to see – leave me a comment. You’re gonna drop Erin Robert (erobert (at) an email if you wanna get on the list.

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