Posted by: David Vernon | December 10, 2009

Time Flies

The Tree 56

Where has this week gone? I have no idea either. Time seems to be compressed in December – a classic holiday-inspired effect. Got a few worthy links for you…

§ You gotta have your projects. Dina Goldstein sure had a project. Completely fun concept to check out. I’m just going to mention she was like eight-and-a-half months pregnant when she made the shot at the landfill on a hot, hot summer day. That couldn’t have been fun.

§ Canon has a neat little micro-site featuring it’s slick tilt-shift lenses. Just worth it alone to go in and see the galleries from Vincent LaForet and Norman McGrath. Check out last year’s CIPB article about tilt-shift lenses – and then start saving your $ – unless the budget approach works for you. But the real thing – very sweet.

§ How about Time Magazine’s Top 10 Photos of the Year? ‘Nuf said.

§ Hey – check out our good buddy Joe McNally (like you have anything better to do). A recent blog post from Joe highlighted his process for the making of an image for National Geographic. Pretty cool image and all but what I really like is the little two-minute movie about half-way through the article. Joe’s assistant Drew Gurian  threw together all the shots Joe made that day into one sequence that kind of shows you all the things he tried to make just one image. I suspect you’ll see a little bit of yourself in this video – all the ideas you try that don’t work before you land on the one that does…

§ Okay – explain this to me. This looks pretty fun. The Fuji Instax camera. Learned about this last Saturday as someone I know is getting one for Christmas. She’s tweaked. But. How is this going to succeed where Polaroid failed? And for the price? Not saying I wouldn’t want to have one for messing around but the economics don’t necessarily add up.

§ Scott Bourne over at Photofocus just listed his Photo Educator of the Year – and to no one’s surprise I suspect he picked Scott Kelby. Gotta agree with that pick (since I wasn’t nominated. Heh. Kidding.). If you take a look at the article you can see all the things Kelby does – and how you can take advantage of it. He’s a great photographic resource – it’s all true.

§ Check out this interactive full-frame/crop-frame body, full-frame/crop-frame lens simulator from the folks at Nikon. Doesn’t matter what brand you shoot – it’s still kinda fun to play with.

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