Posted by: David Vernon | December 4, 2009

Three Nice Sites for a Friday

Too Easy To FindI want to wrap up the week with three sites today.

The lovely little site is geared at the emerging photographer. Iffles, aka Jennifer, started this site to because, as she says, she “doesn’t want you to give up.” She peppers her blog with not only a nice selection of educational articles, but she also tailors her work toward the inexpensive end, eschewing Adobe’s products for the excellent open-source photo editing program known, seriously, as the GIMP. She connects well with the new photographer and passes along some good information.

Tim Sheets, who just celebrated his – what? 75th birthday – pointed me to Dustin Diaz’s photostream on Flickr. First of all, Dustin is at work on a 365 project and he’s doing it completely over-the-top. But what I like even more is just how much strobist information he has up on his site. As of this writing, he has 117 set-ups and 7 videos. A real bonus for those that dig the behind-the-scenes stuff and also really like firing off the flashes. Thanks Tim – you old man you.

And just to make your heart skip a beat going into the weekend I give you the simply amazing Philip Toledano’s slideshow called Days With My Father. Just a five minute investment that will knock your socks off. Outstanding photography. Stunning story that I would think most of us could connect with.

Have a hell of a weekend folks.


  1. But, I’m a “young” 75!!! And let me tell you, in high demand at the nursing home!! 😉

  2. Wow…that last site is just amazing! Thanks for passing it on 🙂

  3. I’ve been to My Father, and it just won’t play/show the photo-story. Do I need some special download? I’ve never had a problem with any other site. Can you advise pretty please? Jaemy

  4. Jaemy:

    Two thoughts on getting Philip Toledano’s “Days with my Father” to load… 1) it wants to popup in a new window so it might be subject to a pop-up blocker; and 2) I had to upgrade my flash player when i went back to the site last night to try it out. Since the site belongs to Mr. Toledano, I can’t speculate on what else might be the issue – but after upgrading my flash player the page loaded just fine.

    But thanks for taking a look. David B. Vernon

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