Posted by: David Vernon | December 3, 2009

Introducing 10×95

We’re going to try something new today.

It’s called 10 x 95.

And what does that mean? I’m going to sell just 10 prints of the image above – a black and white version of the Peoria Skyline as seen from East Peoria. I’m going to sell them for $95 mounted, matted, and framed. And when those ten prints are sold the image will disappear forever. This image won’t appear on Flickr, it won’t appear on my website – it will just show up here – and be advertised on Facebook and Twitter.

The image is sized 5″ x 15″ – and the finished framed size will be anywhere from 9″ x 19″ out to 11″ x 21″ – depending on your frame choice. You will order it from a link below and it will come straight to you via FedEx – which means you can order it until December 20 and still receive it for Christmas.

The image will sell for $65 if you don’t want it framed. But for just $30 more you get the matte (white or black), the frame (five different styles), the glass (glare or non-glare) – all of it ready to hang. These images will be offered exclusively on the web – and at art fairs – but only until ten have been sold. If you’re eleventh – you’re out of luck – no ifs, ands, or buts. And when we next cross paths, I’ll be sure to sign your print.


Some other framing examples:

Mahogany Frame / Black Matte

Flat Black Frame / White Matte

Curved Silver Frame / Black Matte


  1. […] also started a new project called the 10×95 project. Details are over on the photo blog (and on facebook and twitter) but basically it’s one image. Ten prints. $95 framed. And when […]

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