Posted by: David Vernon | December 2, 2009

Take a wicked look

The Tree 57

Let’s take a quick run around the Tubes today, shall we?

§ We haven’t had any Platon love lately – so how about this wicked interactive portfolio he shot of world leaders at the UN. An amazing set of portraits, with commentary on each image from Platon himself. An easy 10 minutes for a unique and wonderful portrait style – that is not so much about the lighting or the photography, but I believe about the personality of the shooter and how he’s able to create a relationship in the span of 10 seconds. That’s so important.

§ The folks at California Sunbounce – who make a wicked line of reflectors and light modifiers – are running a daily contest to give away free swag – like for most of the month. Check out their December Advant Calendar of Goodness.

§ You know I’ve been all about the wicked hybridization of DSLRs and Video. Well – here’s two good resources to get you up to speed on the topic. The crew at DPReview have this “Beginner’s Guild to HD Video“, and the Photofocus gurus have this four-part primer on moving between still and video shooting. It’s, in a word, wicked. And then there’s this new blog, called Photocine News, that highlights a lot of good stuff in the hybrid world. A chance to see what others are doing.

§ Bad-ass wicked shooter Zack Arias has quite the giveaway going on through his blog – for YOU to give to SOMEONE ELSE. It’s also pretty damn wicked. You just have to have someone who needs a little photographic encouragement – and the time to tell a little story about them.

§ And never one to leave out the wicked goings-on at Digital Photography School – I send you there not once but twice. If you use any Adobe Photoshop-product, sooner or later you want to do a little cloning/healing/patching. And this article – interestingly – is about cloning/healing/patching. A good way to get up to speed since it’s easy to do a bad job with these tools. On another front, I’ve got a fun, high-energy (dare I say it? WICKED) white seamless project coming up in January. Shooting in a seamless environment produces a wonderful look – and it’s easier and less expensive then you might think. My new favorite author over at DPS, England’s own Elizabeth Halford, walks you through the basics of white seamless. And if you want to graduate to the honors class on white seamless, you can wander back to the aforementioned Zack Arias’ wonderful journey through the magic.

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