Posted by: David Vernon | November 24, 2009

Around the Bases… of the Internet

The Ghosts at the Bridge

Lets go around the bases as we used to say in Little League…

§ The folks over at Digital Photography School have two things I find to my liking (I almost typed linking and then realized technically that is correct too). First of all, for those of you looking to get your photography into the public’s view, this article on 7 Ways to Get Your Photography Seen might be a big help. I just read someone else’s opinion that a photo isn’t really a photo until you print it and printing is definitely one great way down the road to showing off what you can do. Also, DPS is getting into the eBook game (which seems popular nowadays – it’s only a matter of time before you can buy my eBook on… I’ll get back to you). The DPS Essential Guild to Portrait Photography is the first title on the slate – but it looks pretty good AND it’s on sale this week for $14.95.

§ If you’ve made the jump, or are planning to make the jump to Windows 7, you may want to check out the ongoing forum article over at DPReview. It gives you the lowdown on all of you photographic software that will work… differently under the new MS OS. How will Nikon Capture NX2 do? What about Canon Photo Pro? Yeah – get the skinny on whatever software you use – or get a Mac as they say.

§ The always awesome Scott Kelby Holiday Gift Guide of Gonzoness is up. I could really use a few items on this list this year – particularly that first item on the list. If, ya know, anyone wants to take care of me. But actually, if you have another photographer to shop for – this list is always pretty primo.

§ Does Sensor Size Matter? Yep. It does. This article from the very well done Adorama blog gives you a good background on what different sensor sizes give you – and cost you. Worth a read if you’re new to all this.

§ Want to see an interesting post-processing technique, especially for landscape photography. Works for slides or for digital and it’s called the Orton Technique. Everything is very painterly (and thanks to Maria for pointing me in this direction).

§ Every time I look at the “Big Picture”, which I try and do every single time it comes out, I just get all fluttery. The latest post, featuring select images from the National Geographic International Photography Contest 2009 is definitely flutter-worthy.

§ The Photography Dictionary. A interesting take on a traditional concept – and maybe the nicest illustrated dictionary of all time.


  1. The Big Picture is always amazing! Thanks for sharing. I had a hard time picking a favorite, but certainly the WAVE shot stood out at me as well as the touching moment between the elderly farmer and his wife.

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