Posted by: David Vernon | November 12, 2009

Another Opening, Another Show

Banner DreamsFirst, I got all lazy with Elizabeth Halford a few days ago when she waxed rhapsodically about flickr so I didn’t have to do it myself.

Now, my laziness is extended wonderfully because sometimes CIPB-blogger Stacy Hanna has written up a nice preview of the big opening for the Gathering Light show at the Picture This gallery in Peoria Heights on Friday night.

Now which one of you is going to come clean my house?

Alright – well in lieu of that, Doug and Eileen Leunig have indeed hung a wonderful show at Picture This and when you combine that with free munchies at an opening, can you really go wrong? I think not. Head over to Stacy’s blog to get all the details – and notice all the hard work she went through to sell it. I love it when that happens.


  1. David – Great turn out last night thanks to your “spreading” the word. Of course, Panetta’s article probably helped some also.

  2. BTW – I love the Banner Marsh shot. It’s almost a light painting just as a “straight” photograph.

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