Posted by: David Vernon | November 3, 2009

Thanks Elizabeth Halford

And I Have Touched the Sky

Elizabeth Halford is a British portrait photographer from Hampshire, who specializes in children and families. And all of you here in Central Illinois (4,062 miles from the lovely little town of Hampshire) might be wondering something like “So what.” Well listen blokes – I want to thank Elizabeth Halford because she made my day just a little bit easier. Let me explain.

I think most of you know I’m a bit of an evangelist when it comes to the web site Flickr hosts all of the images that appear on this blog (and many more) – and it has done a lot of other positive things for me as I try to promote photography in the Central Illinois region (hello Peoria Flickr group!). And yet I’m always somewhat slack-jawed when I hear someone say how they don’t know about/use/wonder at the marvel that is Flickr. I know they’re not a perfect website – but they get it right far more then they get it wrong and they’re also great promoters of all things photographic.

Now – let’s get back to England’s lovely Elizabeth Halford (maybe she’ll pay me a few quid everytime I mention her name?). Elizabeth was kind enough to write a great introductary article all about Flickr over at Digital Photography School. Kind of an everything-you’d-want-to-know primer on all the goodness that is Flickr. And because she’s written it – I DON’T HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF. And that – THAT – is why I want to thank Elizabeth Halford. She rocks. From 4,062 miles away.

So if you’ve wondered about flickr – go read her article at DPS and let the light shine on in. So thanks Elizabeth Halford of Hampshire, U.K. You’ve done good.


  1. Oh my goodness! I was checking the stats on my site and I saw this ‘incoming link’ and clicked to find your lovely write-up about my article on DPS. Just wanted to say it made my day and thank you so much!

  2. Our pleasure Elizabeth. You can buy me lunch someday – we’ll meet in the middle. It might be wet. Wear galoshes or rubbers or whatever more interesting word you use in the U.K. And really – flickr changed my life too so here’s to cheerleading.

  3. […] Opening, Another Show First, I got all lazy with Elizabeth Halford a few days ago when she waxed rhapsodically about flickr so I didn’t have to do it […]

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