Posted by: David Vernon | October 30, 2009

November 2009 Desktop Calendar

November 2009 Desktop Calendar

Well here comes November. I think November is a month that often gets cheated. We’re in such a hurry to start the holiday shopping extravaganza that we often ignore this month – except perhaps for Thanksgiving. And the eleventh month has a lot going for it. The last full month of autumn, with lingering colors and surprisingly warm days on occasion. The crispness in the air, football on Thursdays, Tofurkey. Okay – not sure about Tofurkey.

This image was made in November of 2006 up at Illinois’ Matthiessen State Park in the Wishing Well. The park is where Lake Matthiessen water cascades down some 11 waterfalls over about a half-mile before joining the Vermillion River. A joy to see any month of the year.

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  • Responses

    1. Hey I like your calendar this month. =)

    2. Thanks again! I LOVE your desktop calendars! BTW, here’s links to two of my blog posts that feature pictures that I took with my cell phone. They are surprisingly beautiful fall shots from Grandview Dr, Detweiller park, and the river bluff at the Nature Center.
      I have a cr_ _ _ ylittle cell phone, but it takes great pictures. Go figure. 🙂 Here’s the links so you can see for yourself:

      Thanks again, for the lovely picture of Mathieson. Gloris

    3. You’re welcome Gloria – glad you keep coming back.

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