Posted by: David Vernon | October 29, 2009

Thursday Randomness

Zion Sunrise

Not to beat duChemin over the head (figuratively not literally) but as he says “Gear is Good, Vision is Better.”

No better proof of that then to check out the work of Australian teenager Leila Berney, who is just 17 years old, owns a Canon 400D (aka a Rebel XTi), does no Photoshop, and simply has an idea and style that reaches out. Her large gallery over at DeviantArt has a lot of variety – and is full of hits – and misses. But the thing of it is, she goes for it photographically speaking and while reaching stays true to herself. It doesn’t matter what camera you have or what your Photoshop secrets are. It matters that you take your camera with you and that you shoot what matters – to you. The old saying about “Dance Like No One is Watching” has a photographic equal: “Shoot Like No One Else Will See”. Shoot for you – and the rest will follow. Take a look at a few of Leila’s pieces:

Found via Alison Zavos on the Feature Shoot blog

And yet we must balance every “Vision is Better” rant with a “Gear is [Still] Good” mantra. We talk about how many frames per second we can get. Yo dude – 7fps? 8fps? 10fps? Raw? Well screw that. Check out what 1,000,000fps can do for you if you like to photograph bullets. In flight.

via John Nack

Oh – and check out this notion. So you wanna be a commercial photographer? I wouldn’t put the stress that high – I think it’s one of the greatest jobs out there.

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