Posted by: David Vernon | October 28, 2009

Big Trip Planning

Lismore Important AwardI love whimsical when it comes to travel photography. When we were passing through Lismore in Ireland a few years back, I noticed this plaque outside a public loo. Admittedly, the inside of the bathroom was pretty nice – albeit rather simple – but nice nevertheless (and I’m a little frightened I can remember it). I also love that they have a plaque even though they didn’t win. And what happened in 2003? What has to go wrong to make you slip down the list?

All of that is a lead-up to this. If you’ve ever done any travel photography, you know there’s a million things to consider when it comes to this topic. Consider the fact that I really debated for days over whether or not to take my tripod to Ireland (a debate that I wouldn’t have today – it goes everywhere with me). The tripod lost – I had my reasons – none of them good in retrospect – but I had my reasons. Come to think of it that was also the first trip on which my wife realized that travel is a French word meaning “wait for photographer”.

Well – Thom Hogan – who usually writes exhaustively on ALL things Nikon – has graced us with a nice new brand-neutral article on ALL things travel – as in what do you need to consider before you make the big trip. If you haven’t read Thom before – be forewarned – he’s very thorough. I’ve had trips shorter then this article – but you will be prepared.


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