Posted by: David Vernon | October 27, 2009

5 More Photographers – Landscape Edition

Saint Louis Canyon at 10mmLet’s consider this a Twofer Tuesday, shall we? Let’s especially consider that since we have to fill space to once again force my list under the picture – all because I’m too cheap to make the picture smaller. It’s a tough life.

Anyway, we just got done – mere moments ago – listing five more photographers again. And since this isn’t a 10 More Photographers list, I had to make the tough choice to split this up or I could have done it all in one post. But compulsiveness has its price. And since we were discussing this in the Landscape Expedition class at the Art Guild – let me list five other landscape shooters who blow my mind (and we’re going to leave Ansel off the list – that’s a no-brainer). But if I had to make a list – I’d want these five folks on it:

and because I can’t be counted on to count to five accurately, let’s throw in:

Alright – that should hold you for a few days.


  1. Ran into you at matthiessen saturday morning and didn’t realize who you were David. Looks like your group got some good stuff!

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