Posted by: David Vernon | October 27, 2009

5 More Photographers Again

Table Falls in AutumnWe’ve done this twice before, so it’s time for Part 3 of our little series “5 More Photographers” – where I highlight five shooters who a) I really like and b) who have websites we can point you at. We’re going in a few different directions today. The first two guys (Tim and Pouya) I discovered through other folks who pointed them out to me. The next two gals (Elizabeth and Laurie) are here because as we worked through a list of important landscape photographers in the current Peoria Art Guild Expedition class, we realized we needed to highlight more female landscape photographers. And the last dude (David) on the list is here because he’s here in Central Illinois and it’s about time we pointed you over to his website.

  • Tim Mantoani ( – his Photographer’s Portraits are simply wonderful (via Scott Kelby)
  • Pouya Dianat ( – a wonderful command of available light (thanks Joy Miller)
  • Elizabeth Carmel ( – just wow with the landscapes
  • Laurie Excell ( – wonderful teacher to boot
  • David Zalaznik ( – An absolutely fine Central Illinois landscape shooter

See you in Part IV – sooner then you think.


  1. […] consider this a Twofer Tuesday, shall we? We just got done – mere moments ago – listing five more photographers again. Since we were discussing this in the Landscape Expedition class at the Art Guild – let me […]

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