Posted by: David Vernon | October 5, 2009

October always kills me

Chicago Skyline Revisited

I feel a little like I’ve abandoned you guys. Okay – well that’s because I have abandoned you guys. October always seems like a busy month for me and well – yeah – it’s October. I’m wrapping up one job this morning but then shooting another one this afternoon. I’m on the road for most of the rest of the week and who suffers – well besides me? You do gentle readers. You do.

Well suck it up – life isn’t that bad.

Just a few quick thoughts to leave you by the roadside with today – one semi-serious and one decidedly not.

That rat bastard Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine, and purveyour of the fine blog A Photo Editor, always tries to mess with my brain. He wrote a short article for the Photography Issue of Outside magazine that just came out – and he really, really makes one think about truth in photography. The link gives his take on the subject in addition to posting a link to the original article and a thoughtful rebuttal by  photographer Ed Freeman, who is the recipient of a good bit of Haggart’s intellectual exercise. Now as an artist I think truth is way overrated (while still striving to generally stay very close to it myself *brain freeze*) but Haggart – well – he makes you think. I like that I don’t like that. Er, I don’t like… Nevermind. Part of my take as an artist is that my eyes can see way more then the camera can and that I want to strive to reproduce what I see – not just what the camera sees. But anyway… it’s Monday – make your own decisions.

And just to prove that life isn’t all serious – check out this vintage ad featuring a game of Horse between Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. Er, no – not quite

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