Posted by: David Vernon | September 25, 2009

Hey y’all

Chicago Skyline a 10

Well – it’s Friday and where have I been for the last few days? Well… after shooting in Chicago all day on Tuesday (and the above was my very last shot), I arrived home at 2:30am and was up just three hours later to edit see my wife for the only time this week for a few minutes. THEN I settled down for some editing. Wednesday night I was back on the road, heading down to Pere Marquette State Park (which I didn’t even know existed) where I spent all day Thursday shooting in the rain and clouds in the park and nearby Alton and Grafton. Today is more of the same, starting before sunrise and ending well… later. The fun part for me – I have access to a Nikon D700, two D300s, a 24-70 f/2.8, a 70-200 f/2.8, a 50 f/1.4, an 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 and a 10.5mm f/2.8. This – to me – is what heaven must be like.

So anyway, you get nothing much – even for a Friday when I know you need it most! Well – how about this? You do know, don’t you, that the HUGE and AWESOME Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair is this weekend – Saturday and Sunday from roughly 10am to 4pm (give or take an hour depending on the day and whether or not you’re a member of the Guild). You can get all the details over at the Art Guild’s website. And if you’re in the mood on Sunday, the Peoria Strobist Group is having its first meetup from 5pm to 8pm at the First Bank Parking Deck in Downtown Peoria (corner of Washington and Liberty). Our mission is both teaching and playing so come out and do some learning and funning. Hmmm – that’s not quite right. Details over in the group.

Next week is looking better.

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