Posted by: David Vernon | September 21, 2009

Two More Things to Consider

Sheep Portraits

There are a couple things floating around in the back of my head that have better visualized themselves in other people’s writings in the last few days…

With my dropped flash, and Stacy’s lens issues, I’ve been thinking more about the specific issue of camera insurance. Over on the British website Photography Today!, writer Foolmoon ruminates on the value of and the different kinds of insurance that are out there for your photographic gear. The main question to answer: “If your camera vanishes today, can you afford to buy a new one?” It’s worth thinking about protecting your investment.

Another thing worth thinking about is this. How often do you print your images? And how conventionally do you print them if you do? For the last couple of months I’ve been seeing metallic prints. No – I don’t mean prints made on metallic paper (like Kodak’s Endura) – I mean actual prints PRINTED ON METAL (like aluminum). I thought I would start selling metal prints on the art fair circuit next summer – but the guy who is in to everything – Mr. Scott Kelby – has already done his homework on this topic and reported on his first two different kinds of metal prints. And he’s pretty impressed. I can’t wait.

Okay – that’s about it for today. I’m on the road quite a bit this week so I’ll check in when I can but I encourage you to get out and start taking FALL pictures. That’s right – autumn got here when we weren’t looking. Borrow some wool for those cool mornings and nights and hit the road running. And don’t forget the Peoria Camera Club meeting tomorrow night – with some introductory work on Photoshop Elements. Meeting time is 7:30pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church – corner of Knoxville and Glen Aves. in Peoria.


  1. Getting insurance for your camera equipment is highly recommended! I covered what little I have and do not regret it. You insurance agent will help you determine the coverage type. The biggest thing was listing everything! They want the items name, serial number, quantity and cost. I had to copy all receipts for them as well. They cover it all! From the actual camera to the memory cards. The policy pays for repair or replacement if the item cannot be repaired. On my policy I have no deductable. I was lucky that the 2 lens I had became inoperable was covered by Nikon but I feel safe that if anything does happen I am covered.

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