Posted by: David Vernon | September 18, 2009

A Love Story – Nikon Repair Service

Power LinesSo on Monday you heard about the dropping of one of my speedlights.

I left you heading for UPS where for a reasonable $9 or so my littlest child was on its way to Melville, NY where it arrived Wednesday. Nikon took a look at the flash and by this morning I had an email with an estimate for the repair. Reviewing the estimate, I saw that Nikon breaks down their repairs into categories covering everything general categories: No Repair Needed, Minor Adjustment, Moderate Repair Minor, Moderate Repair Major, Major Repair, and Extensive Repair.

Fortunately, perhaps, my repair fell into the Moderate Repair, Major Parts category which meant it would cost $97 plus $12 shipping to repair. Seeming cheaper then replacing the unit, I elected to make the repair.

At this point Nikon provides both an online and paper-based method to approve the estimate. I chose the online system, entered my service number and my last name, clicked a few buttons and wham-o – let the waiting begin.

Nikon does provide an additional online system to track the status of your repair as it progresses through their system which is nice. The only drawback I can see so far is that I don’t know exactly what was wrong. Was it a flashtube? Something on the circuit board? I may never know and curiosity wishes to be sated but alas…

Come home soon little one. Thanks Nikon.


  1. Okay, I am officially convinced sending things in yourself is the correct method. I called the camera shop today as was simply told “we haven’t heard anything yet” when I asked for a status update. No offer to call Nikon and no other information other than “it could be a couple of weeks before we hear anything.” AYKM?
    After a sigh of frustration realizing nothing I was going to say was change the situation. I’ve emailed Nikon service to see if I can get a better answer from them. We will see…

  2. […] my dropped flash, and Stacy’s lens issues, I’ve been thinking more about the specific issue of camera […]

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