Posted by: David Vernon | September 17, 2009

It’s Thursday – Do You Know Where Your Links Are

Lismore - Blackwater RiverA few links to get you – and me – through lunch today.

§ I finally broke down and bought me a copy of one of the truly best lighting books on the planet. The folks at Borders were starting to look at me oddly with my repeated visits to consult the wonderful Light: Science and Magic but I’m a poor and humble photographer so I didn’t really feel like I could spend $39.95 for a book on lighting that wasn’t written by Joe McNally (it’s a loyalty thing). But when I saw Amazon had it for a wonderfully acceptable price of $30.91 well I dropped my guard and clicked the “Add to Shopping Cart” link. That – and some free Super Saver Shipping – just made my day. Click on the link above and I expect you might get the same price I got. The book is worth it big time.

§ Let’s take another quick detour down to hybrid camera row shall we? Syl Arena had a post a day or two ago about the future. He posits that 2009 and digital photography is much like 1999 and film photography. Meaning? That the end of digital is over? Not quite – but perhaps the end of still photography is on the horizon. Okay – maybe not the end, but as he suggests a client may say some day, “sure you’re a talented stills photographer, but who wants pictures that don’t move anymore?”

Now me – I’m a believer STILL in the power of STILL. As in stillness. A still image can pack quite a punch and quite a different punch sometimes from a picture that isn’t standing still. I think photographs can both empower and quiet the soul and secretly lead the viewer to see things she was not expecting to see. I think video, or moving pictures tends to come from the other end of the spectrum. They’re more directed and about the creator. They’re noisier in a metaphorical sense.

Nevertheless, I think they’re both vital to telling a story and I think Syl is on the right track – although perhaps a tad early – but what the hell do I know – I’m just a poor and humble photographer.

§ And if you’ve spent any time at a Harry Potter movie, you know how The Daily Prophet is full of moving pictures. Well – Outside Magazine – a wonderful piece of work beloved by me and others that cares about photography – is going for that very effect somehow later this year. Watch this behind-the-scenes video and then dream how this might turn out. Wild stuff.

Yes – I really am a believer in multimedia.

I’ll leave you in this mostly video-esque inspired link fest with an embed. This video by Spaniard visualist (my term) Joan Jimenez is so photographic in its nature. It’s a series of moments around Tokyo, Japan. And while the moments are moving (literally), the overall piece takes on a real slide show feeling for me. The right moving images combined with the right music – can quiet the soul in its own way.


  1. That was one cool video slide show!! But, I wish it were shorter. I started to loose focus about 2:30 – 3:00 minutes in.

  2. I also purchased the book ‘Light: Science and Magic’ some time ago, it’s in the stack of future reads.

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