Posted by: Stacy Hanna | September 17, 2009

Closing the Creative Gap

Since Dave is sharing videos on here now, I just had to share this with you all.  We’ve talked about vision and creativity in the past and this video really hit home for me.  I’m sure we’ve all struggled at some point to create the work we see in our minds. Our creative desires don’t always align with our actual creative ability or product, especially when we are just starting out. In a sence there is a creative gap. This is a common feeling for any aspiring creative professional, photographers included.

What does it take to close the gap? Watch as veteran radio host Ira Glass explains what he went through when he was starting out in the radio business and what he thinks it takes to overcome the creative gap. While he isn’t talking about photography, he is speaking as a creative to his fellow creatives of the world.

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