Posted by: David Vernon | September 16, 2009

Trash The Dress

Kendra-Kevin_591_SmallA few weeks ago, local Peoria shooter Cindy Schultz put together a local Trash The Dress photoshoot. She let the folks in the Peoria Flickr and Peoria Strobist Flickr groups know about it and it generated some questions – mostly along the lines of “What the heck to you mean Trash the Dress?” Well, one of our missions here at the CIPB is to leave no stone unturned and to write about find good articles other folks have written on the topics that need answered. To whit…

Michael Roney, writing for the Wedding Photojournalist Association, did a fine interview with Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo, the owners of Del Sol Photography (and darn fine blog writers – publishing the FlashFlavor blog), all about Trash The Dress photoshoots. I think it gives you a pretty good idea how these things work and just how clever you can get when inspiration meets perspiration in this growing photographic trend.


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