Posted by: David Vernon | September 14, 2009

Two New Opportunities

Mack Bridge Simplified

I came across two interesting ideas today.

The Flickr universe expanded itself a little bit today with the public introduction of galleries, giving you a chance to curage your own shows right in Flickr. From the Flickr blog today:

“For whatever you find interesting, fascinating, or mind-blowing on Flickr, galleries are a way to curate up to 18 public photos or videos of your fellow members into one place. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of your fellow members in a truly unique way around a theme, and idea or just because.

In addition to selecting a title, you can write an introduction (or not) and even include descriptions for the individual photos or videos to bring it all together.”

A gallery becomes a unique item, because you can’t add your OWN photos to a gallery – it’s all about what you find unique about the work of other folks in the Flickrverse.

One of my oldest flickr buddies and fellow native Pittsburgher and Steeler fan, Craig (aka nonac), was one of the Beta-testers for this new feature. I had the privlidge of getting one of my photos in one of his galleries. This actually looks pretty darn interesting, so I’m expecting to see a few Central Illinois Galleries popping up soon. Have fun with it, eh?

The second item I wandered across today might be just great if you have a photography business or you are interested in being a better marketer of the photography you do. Sarah Petty and her Joy of Marketing web site have organized a two-day “Master Photographers’ Marketing Series Marketing Telesummit”. Featuring 16 one-hour presentations over two days across numerous topics aimed at improving your marketing, this summit is very unique for a few reasons. First of all – it’s completely free – no strings attached. Secondly, it’s all done over the telephone so you never have to leave your house (although you might want some free long distance). The web page has a full list of speakers – including some well-known industry names (David Ziser, Kevin Kubota, Dane Sanders)- and also including Morton, IL’s own Vicki Taufer. It also has a listing of all 16 presentations and when they’ll happen so you can schedule your time. I would say early response is a little overwhelming since their website has been very zombie-like all day today. But it looks very good. (And if you can’t get in right away, here’s a write-up on Dane Sander’s blog).

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