Posted by: David Vernon | September 11, 2009

There’s A Pileup on I-74 – of Links!

Kankakee River West from Warner BridgeYep – the Blogosphere has been delivering this week like crazy. For example, if you’re into photographic lighting and spreading the word, then you probably would be digging the Online Lighting Diagram creator. This little tool, which has existed as a Photoshop file for awhile now, comes from the clever mind of Nguyen Dinh Quoc-Huy, a London-based photographer who also teaches lighting. Well done sir – well done.

There’s also – for you Canon lovers out there (and you are legion) – the Canon Camera Museum. A fascinating look at the history of design and technology behind every Canon camera – with some fascinating and wonderfully historic timelines of – well yeah – the history of Canon cameras.

Photoshop Project Manager John Nack relayed an interesting story on his blog from fellow Adobe PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes. Made me laugh – and it’s a pretty good indicator of what a lot of photographers want to do to get better – the wrong way. It also reminds me of the lament “Those are good pictures, you must have a good camera.” Ouch. As ‘ol what’s-his-name says, “Gear is Good, Vision is Better.” Believe it.

To completely contradict (in a sense) the last paragraph, you do know there are both Canon and Nikon Rumor sites on the Interwebs? Chock full of the latest rumors in case you have a few extra minutes in your day to pursue this. Not everyone does mind you

My Facebook buddy Joe McNally sat down with Miki Johnson over at Livebooks (they do photo website design and hosting) for a nice interview on how he uses social media to connect with new customers, via his blog, his Facebook page, and Twitter. Livebooks put up the video of the interview and it’s an interesting watch.

Hey – speaking of photography websites (and we were), the folks over at Livebooks competitor Photoshelter are providing three excellent FREE downloads (you have to give ’em your email address) to help you improve your photo web site. Their articles – on “Photography Websites: What Buyers Want”, the “2009 SEO Cookbook for Photographers” for search-engine optimization, and “Google Analytics for Photographers” – can definitely help you get a little more noticed and probably a little more business.

If you want to know more about Fashion Photography and the craziness of the industry that surrounds it, you’d be no better served then by reading Melissa Rodwell’s wonderful Fashion Photography Blog. Punches are not pulled and you really can get a lot out of the site when it comes to everything fashion photography. And I mean everything. (And I know I’ve mentioned this blog before but it really is pretty good and who reads that old stuff anyway?)

Check out what Stanford professor Marc Levoy and grad student Andrew Adams are doing. They’re pioneering work in the first open-source camera (dubbed Frankencamera) – a camera with firmware that is written and maintained by an open community. If you can think it up and write it, then it can exist on your camera. Think of the app store for the iPhone – just with a really good camera and lens behind it. This opens up the possibility of a whole new world of in-camera tricks to make even more interesting images.

Hey – my second article on the Enjoy Illinois blog is out today – doing a little cheerleading for Central Illinois and Peoria. Take a spin over if you have a chance.

I leave you with a not-safe-for-work rant (lots of F-bombs) from a blog on the Village Voice’s website. It’s titled “I Will Not Read Your F***ing Script” and while it’s not about photography per se, it does get to the heart of the matter about “free” and how much work artists go through to get where they get. Take a read – albeit with oven mitts – and see if you agree. There’s a photography collolary in there somewhere.

And just remember this weekend, if things are a little crazy, just think “What would Joe do?” and you’ll figure it out.


  1. Hey just wanted to say thank you so much for the shout out.

    Melissa Rodwell

  2. Dude!! You’ve got a serious man-crush on McNally!! haha!!

  3. Is it obvious?


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