Posted by: David Vernon | September 11, 2009

Get Out and Shoot

Four The Birds

§ The Peoria Flickr Group has announced their September Photo Walk – it’s time to head out to see the birds (and all the other animals) at Wildlife Prairie State Park. The walk will take place on Saturday, September 19 at 9:00am. The details are over on Flickr. Photographing at the park is a great opportunity to see Illinois native species up close and personally.

§ The new Peoria Flickr Strobist Group is also getting together for their first outing. This group, which kicked off here at the beginning of September, is going to be shooting with the strobes on Sunday, September 27 from 5pm to 8pm in downtown Peoria. All the details are over on the outing page. If you want to get out and play with flashes, this group will be a great way to get a little experience – both with the gear and the process. Come on over and join us.

§ And a shout-out to local photographer David Price. David, who runs Black Olive Studios, has been organizing a number of local photo get-togethers where they are really going over-the-top with their productions. The cool part – they’ve started doing video diaries of the whole thing (this is a Facebook link FYI) – and the work is really top-notch. Follow the group on Facebook – and if it looks fun to you – see what you can do to stick your nose in once a month…



  1. Thanks for the plug David! Hope to see some new faces at our future shoots.

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