Posted by: David Vernon | September 10, 2009

Linking Up on Thursday

Lower Two Medicine Lake

Let’s take a wide look around the Internet today for some good advice…

§ I’ve been enjoying the work lately of a number of new-to-me photographers I’ve recently discovered. Darwin Wiggett hails from well north of Central Illinois but his vision and creative well, as a photographer and one who writes about photography, is impressive. Plus he knows how to get a laugh out of a dog – always important. He also recently wrote a nice little article that would do well here – an essay on How to Really Saturate Your Fall Colors in Camera – with one easy step. It’s a technique that another well-known local shooter known for his blue skies really likes to use. Check that out.

§ Proving that visits to the Peoria Camera Club are always worthy, last week’s speaker, Hank Erdman, pointed all of us to two other spectacular shooters – both of whom relish the art in photography. David Ward is a large-format photographer who specializes in the landscapes of England. His two books, Landscape Within, and the follow-up, Landscape Beyond, could be considered very important works in terms of connecting landscape photography with both art and vision. He also chunks out nice bits of wisdom on his blog.

§ A Canadian, Freeman Patterson is another stunning intellectual photographer who connects landscapes with art and vision. His fantastic tome, Photo Impressionism and the Subjective Image, is another book that has inspired many who’ve gone before.

§ And while Galen Rowell is far from new to me, it somehow slipped my aging brain when it came to putting a link to the late photographer’s web site  in my blog roll. Problem resolved – and if you get a chance, check out of of the most gifted visionaries of all time (with camera in hand).

§ The folks over at Photojojo put together a nice step-by-step article on using the Brenizer method to stitching a thinner depth-of-field.

§ This showed up on David Hobby’s website the other day, but here’s a link for you guys who are into small strobe lighting and love to use just the right gels on you flashes. Rosco has come through nicely with this very appropriate and very affordable gel kit. Links to resellers are right on the page too.

§ And I leave you today with this wonderfully inspriational TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. It’s all about creativity and can easily be applied to the photographic process. A fascinating perspective.


  1. Another link to the Brenizer Method:

  2. That Darwin Wiggett link was pretty cool too! Not convinced about shooting on ‘cloudy’ WB, though. It may just be my camera/software, but, cloudy is a bit warm for me, usually. Also, I find that there is a slight difference between shooting on ‘cloudy’ WB and just setting a ‘daylight’ WB shot to the same WB as the cloudy one (I tested it just for fun). Not sure what that means. :/

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