Posted by: David Vernon | August 24, 2009

Enjoy Illinois Starting Today


There are a lot of ways to enjoy Illinois.

But a lot of us who live here take the place a little for granted and you start to forget what’s out there. You get going with your life and those side trips to Chicago or Starved Rock get squeezed out a bit. Taking in a Rothko or a Magritte at the Art Institute – well it’s left to those with a little more time on their hands. And then you start to miss it and you think what happened to all those fun things I used to do around the state.

Well, starting today, you can get a few of those ideas back. The Enjoy Illinois Blog premieres today and will be a great resource in helping you remember all the fun things you used to do around the place. Enjoy Illinois is the official web-site of the Illinois Bureau of Tourism and while us Illinoisians won’t admit to BEING tourists in our own state, it’s perfectly okay to do touristy things when the moment is right.

And why do I mention this little fact today? And why is there now a little tag over there on the right hand side, part of the way down? Well, I’m privileged to be a contributing photographer on the blog – my images will appear a couple times a month along with a number of other Illinois-based shooters. So do us a little favor and go check things out over there – and darn it – enjoy Illinois starting today.

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