Posted by: David Vernon | August 24, 2009

Another Teaching Moment on Exposure

Avalanche Lake

I’ve been getting my duChemin on. Just last week I talked about photographer David duChemin’s book Within The Frame, a font of wisdom on vision. And just to prove that David is no hack, he threw out a wonderfully simple technical article today on exposure that was – in about 20 paragraphs – one of the most complete and straightforward takes I’ve seen. Part of his vision is to simplify – and he did so well with this. I love it when I learn something new. In honor of David today, I used an image that was taken within just a few miles of his native Canada – up at Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park in northern Montana – best I could do without stealing an image from my wife that she took in Toronto.

In a very similar vein, the folks over at Luminous Landscape – who’ve I’ve really taken a shine too – have a similar article in their archives. Both are highly enlightening – so to speak – when it comes to properly exposing your shot and properly taking advantage of the good data in your histograms. This article also highlights the importance of shooting in RAW to maximize the benefit you can derive from exposing to the right, particularly to reduce noise.

Have a great – and properly exposed – week everyone!


  1. David’s book is great!

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