Posted by: David Vernon | August 14, 2009

A Friday Roll – and then we’re done

Another RoadOne more major thought for the week and then I’ll leave you in peace.

¶ I can’t say enough about what looking at the work of giants can do for your own photography. I came across a simple article a few days ago entitled 10 Photographs That Changed the World. And they really are ten very important photographs by ten important photographers. And once you start studying the images and the photographers your eyes are truly opened up. Spend all the time you can looking at the masters – even if you don’t get a solid grounding into the whys and hows of the images – you absorb the essence of the image and in the long run you start to see it more and more.

¶ And if you want to literally see the masters up close and personally, head up to the Art Institute in Chicago for their current exhibition entitled “Photography on Display: Modern Treasures“. The show, just down the stairs from the main entrance on Michigan Ave., runs through September 13 so you still have a month or so. And it’s still free admission after 5pm on Thursdays and Fridays – at least through Labor Day weekend. I visited the exhibit in late July and was wowed by what I saw – both in terms of the names and the quality of the work. It’s a rare opportunity.

¶ I came across this good little resource on 20 Giants of Off-Camera Photographic Lighting from a photog named Seshu. A lot of the big known names and a few new ones – but links to a lot of resources about these fine folks.

¶ Finally, for those of you who are into Photoshop Actions, I tracked down this resource on collections on just this very topic. A lot of them are free – as in what you are now – released for the weekend. Especially if you stop by the Washington Fine Arts Fest.

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